Electric ATV

Electric ATV

The United States is the largest market for electric ATV, followed by the European market and the Australian market. At the same time, as a vehicle for young people's leisure and entertainment, the global market size of ATV is still expanding. Electric ATVs, also known as all-terrain vehicles, are suitable for crossing complex road conditions and terrains such as woodlands, ravines, beaches, shallow water beaches, and mountains. The driving process can bring a lot of joy and satisfaction to conquer.


As a battery charger manufacturer in China, electric ATV battery charger wholesale and customization is one of our important businesses. We focus on the production and sales of battery charger for electric ATV. Our battery charger for electric atv are available in vehicle type and portable, both of which can charge the lithium battery of the customer's electric ATV, and provide various protection functions to protect the customer's lithium battery. The quality of our ATV battery charger are well guaranteed since it is certificated by different safety standards.

Features of battery charger for electric ATV

· Up to 94% efficient charging

· High power, high current charging

· Efficient fan heat dissipation

· Simple to use and easy to install


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