High Power Charger Series

High Power Charger Series


High power charger is ideal for use in industrial electric forklifts, industrial AVGs, electric boats, large drones, cleaning machines, and other high-current fast-charging demand fields.


The High power series are multiple powerful battery chargers capable of charging at 100 amps or over 6000 watts for 24v/48v/72v lead-acid, lithium batteries and etc. CAN or RS485 communication is also available to meet battery charging needs. The high power charger charges the 5.12kWh lithium-ion battery in about 1 hour and features an LCD display and LED signal lights to indicate charging stages or faults.

 The high power series with advanced intelligent dynamic adjustment technology uses a high-frequency power supply. As well as multiple protection functions, such as overload, short circuit, overheating, overvoltage, and undervoltage, it also has delayed start, soft start, and slow start functions. Contact us now.


As a result of our expertise in high capacity battery pack charging, we have developed a variety of battery charging solutions that can help our customers build electric drive products with better flexibility and longevity.




Intelligent adaptation, compatible with various applications. Fully automatic charging, adjustable charging mode Support RS485 port communication

Excellent performance

Powerful, derived from German vector technology Efficient air cooling and heat dissipation. Adopt new three-phase APFC circuit topology technology

Convenient operation

LCD screen display function, Real-time display of charging process and operating information Convenient touch button operation

Safe & efficient

Temperature protection, anti-interference and other protection functions soft start function, strictly prevent overcharging and prolong product life


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