Floor Care Machine

Floor Care Machine

Nowadays, floor care machines are driven by electricity, energy saving and environmental protection, are deeply loved by industries, factories. Industrial electric sweeping machines are powered by environmentally friendly new energy batteries. The driving floor care machine can meet the ground cleaning needs of all large and medium-sized industries, reduce the labor intensity of cleaners and shorten the cleaning time of cleaners. 


The battery of the electric floor care machine also needs to be carefully maintained. In order to keep the battery for a long time, we need to use a high-quality charger. As a battery charger manufacturer in China, electric floor care machine battery charger wholesale and customization is one of our important businesses. We focus on the production and sales of electric floor care machine battery charger.


Advantages of Floor Care Machine

· High working efficiency: it can clean about 8000 square meters per hour, and the time for the same working area is greatly shortened

· Low cost: electric floor care machine can replace 12-15 manual cleaning, saving a lot of labor wages, welfare benefits and dealing with rising wages

· The effect is good: the electric floor care machine adopts the combination of sweeping and suction, which is much cleaner than traditional manual sweeping

· High safety performance: let the cleaning workers live in a safe environment (there are too many fast-moving vehicles on the road, and manual cleaning is not safe enough)


How to choose a high-quality battery charger for floor care machine

· The high-quality charger adopts brand-name components, which are resistant to high temperature, anti-aging, and will not fall off due to vibration

· Distinguished from the charger transformer. High-quality chargers are usually made of pure copper, which conducts electricity better and is more stable

· Distinguish from the power cord of the charger. High-quality chargers will use national standard copper wires, which are not easy to generate heat and will not cause combustion


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