On-board Charger Series

On-board Charger-OBCD & OBCF Series

While electric vehicles are becoming more common, many consumers remain concerned about range and charging capabilities. On-board battery chargers are key to keeping EVs powered. On-board battery chargers take AC power from the owner's home and convert it to DC to charge the battery. They are also often able to harvest kinetic energy from the vehicle itself to provide additional charge when braking.

As a professional EV on-board charger manufacturers in China, we supply on-board battery charger series is specially designed for low-speed electric vehicles. It covers a wide range of input voltages, providing convenience and reducing the pressure of stocking models for end customers in different markets of wholesale customers. EV on-board battery charger can be used as long as the voltage is between 90~264VAC. And the anti-walking function further increases the safety of use.


High charging efficiency

The charging efficiency of our chargers can reach up to 94%, which is higher than most companies in the industry

Multiple series options

The supported AC voltage range is 90V~264V, and there are products with reduced frequency output series for customers to choose

Anti-walking function

Our chargers are equipped with an anti-walking lock function, which prevents accidental contact from causing the vehicle to walk during the charging process, thereby avoiding accidents.

IP65 waterproof

Our chargers have excellent performance and support an IP65 waterproof rating, which can effectively prevent humid environments and work near water.

A major function of an on-board charger in an electric vehicle

An ev on board charger's primary duty is to control the flow of current from the grid to the traction battery. OBC series on-board chargers allow electric vehicle chargers to charge from any source. As a result, electric vehicles are not always dependent on charging stations.Controlling the amount of current and voltage used to charge the battery is another duty of the onboarding charger. Constant voltage and constant current charging are the two basic forms of charging.

Even while high efficiency and rapid charging are provided by constant current charging, the battery's lifespan may be impacted. This results from excessive billing. There is a potential that a significant quantity of current could flow into the battery during constant voltage charging.

The aforementioned issue can be resolved by initially charging the battery using constant current. The battery is then charged utilizing constant voltage charging after reaching a specified amplitude in which the primary function of an onboard charger is to manage to charge.


The difference between the OBCD series battery charger and OBCF series battery charger

OBCD series on board battery charger and OBCF series on board battery charger both can be used for 110V and 220V AC main power, the OBCD ev on board charger series is more friendly to 220V power, while when used for 110V, it will output derating power. OBCF ev on board charger series is friendly to 110V power, it will output full power as long as the input range is 90~264VAC.

How to choose a device between the OBCD and OBCF series of ev on board charger?

Usually, it depends on your city AC's main power, if it’s around 110V, we would like to suggest choosing the OBCF series; While if it’s around 220V, we would like to suggest using the OBCD on board charger series.If you have any uncertainty, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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