Portable Battery Charger PBC 48V Series
Portable Battery Charger PBC 48V Series
Portable Battery Charger PBC 48V Series
Portable Battery Charger PBC 48V Series

Portable Battery Charger PBC 48V Series

Rated Voltage:
Input Current:
Battery Type:
AC Plug:
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Portable Battery Charger PBC 48V Series
Portable Battery Charger PBC 48V Series
Portable Battery Charger PBC 48V Series
Portable Battery Charger PBC 48V Series


PWC series is a product developed by our independent research and development design, mainly suitable for 48V 10A lithium battery, used for electric motorcycles, scooter and so on. Delicate and compact, easy to carry. The aluminum profile naturally dissipates heat, has output over voltage protection, short circuit protection and output over temperature protection, so consumers can use it safely.


Features:1.Start Time < 3s;2.Support lithium battery;3.Delicate and compact design;4.Short circuit/ over voltage/ over temperature protection;5.The semiconductor devices use internationally renowned brands;6.Aluminum profile shell for better heat dissipation



Battery type 13S/16S LiFePO4
Input Voltage range 200~240 VAC
Frequency range 45 ~ 65Hz
Maximum output Current   10A
Inrush current(Typ.) Cold start 50A at 220VAC
Max. Efficiency(Typ.) 93%
  Leakage current <0.3mA/220VAC
Output Charging phase Constant current + Constant voltage     
Max. current ripple 500mAp-p
Environment Cooling Fan cooling
Working Temp. –20~50℃
Working humidity 10%~95% RH non-condensing
Storage temp., humidity –40~80℃, 10%~90% RH non-condensing          
SAFETY & EMC Withstand voltage I/P-O/P: 3KVAC   I/P-FG: 2KVAC   O/P-FG: 0.5KVAC   
Isolation resistance I/P-O/P, I/P-FG, O/P-FG: 100M ohms/500VDC/25℃/70%RH  
Others MTBF >100K hours

04Optional Wire

AC Input Wires

a)2.0m UK plug cable

b)2.0m US plug cable

c)2.0m Euro plug cable

d) 2.0mAU plug cable

DC output connector

a)3pin T type connector

It can be customized as customers’ requirement

05Mechanical Drawing


Depowersupply as a company with an exceptional independent R & D team, the quality of our products is excellent. Most of our products have met the requirements of UL1564, EN55014-1/2, LVD, and so on.

Software Work Registration


Patent certificate




CE Certificate

















Do you also do OEM or ODM products for customers? 

Yes, we could do OEM and ODM services for our customers around the world. You could forward your details demands to us via email, WhatsApp, or WeChat. 


What color do you have for your battery chargers?

We have silvery color which customers ordered most, and Blue, Red, Black, or other colors can be produced as per your request as well. Please kindly provide the Pantone colors you need, then we will check and confirm for you immediately.


How do you make it to meet IP65 waterproof?

We do full glue inside the charger, and the LED’s to be glued from the inside properly. Put the rubber gasket between the edges of the side plates and the metal case. Put epoxy glue on all external open screws. The fan outside also has IP65 waterproof certificate.


Did the charger has an interlock function?

If the charger is On board charger model, it has the interlock function. When the batteries are being charged (charger is being used with AC on), the electric vehicle motor, headlight, etc. cannot be used and the electric vehicle cannot move too. It is done by using the signal from the interlock.


If your battery charger can work for both lead acid and lithium batteries at the same time?

A battery charger can work for 1 type of battery after the factory setting. If you have both lead acid and lithium batteries, we’d like to suggest taking both lead-acid chargers and lithium chargers. Please contact our expert to advise your battery type and voltage, then we will provide the suitable one for you very soon.


Why can't lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries of the same voltage use the same kind of charger, such as 57.6V lead-acid batteries and 57.6V ternary lithium batteries sharing a charger

Specifically, when the charger charges a 57.6V lithium battery, and reaches the constant voltage stage of 57.6V and the current reaches 2A, the charger cut off automatically; When the charger charges a 57.6V lead-acid battery and reaches the constant voltage stage of 57.6V and the current reaches 5A, the charger switches to the float charge stage of 55.2V. If use the charger which designed for lithium batteries to charge lead acid batteries , this way will reduce the life of lead acid batteries due to the lack of floating charging 55.2v; If use the charger which designed for lead acid batteries to charge lithium batteries , this way will cause the lithium battery to not be fully charged due to the process of floating charging 55.2v. Therefore, we recommend that lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries be charged by their specially designed chargers respectively.


Could you explain the Precharge function? 

 Precharging is to protect the life of the battery. When the battery voltage is lower, the internal resistance of the battery is greater (the heat is more serious), and the current it can withstand is smaller. Precharging is to reduce the current when the battery voltage is low to reduce heat generation to protect the battery.


How many colors does the LED light(Indicator) come with? And what is the meaning of each color?

We have the LED indicator with tri colors, yellow, red and green color.

Steady Red Indicator:Charging

Steady Yellow Indicator:Almost Full

Steady Green Indicator:Full

Red Indicator Flashing:Charger failure 

1. Initially just powered on - 1S period flashes

2. The battery is reversed - 0.5S cycle flashes

3.  Output overcurrent -1S period flickering

4.  High battery voltage - 2S period flashing

5.  Low battery voltage - 3S period flashing

6.  Output voltage high - 4S period flashes

7.  Battery failure -5S period flashes


What is the operating & storage temperature range for this charger?

The operating temperature -20℃ ~ 50℃, storage temperature -40℃ ~ 80℃.


Can you make with universal input voltage 100 – 240Vac if required?

Yes, our chargers support 100-240VAC and 50/60Hz. No matter your market is European, South American, Asia or others, we are all supported.

08Product Packaging and Shipping


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